In 1985 J. Dee, an already established artist and musician in the entertainment world decided to try song writing and producing records. This is where he teamed up with his brother, Teddy B.  He remembers his brother saying to him “man you’re good at this so let’s take it to the next level”. He recalls this was no easy task but like the talented musicians they were, they knew that in order to get better at their craft they had to do it more and more before they would gain recognition. After working on their chops he and his brother decided to record a cd which they would write, produce and perform on. The cd was titled “Natural Progressions”, their first BOLD NEW PRODUCTION, which was released on Palo Alto/TBA Records.  This CD opened the door for them.
Artists such as Jeff Kashiwa, now playing with the Rippingtons, as well his own solo project, and damian/dane, formerly of Laface Records, debuted their recording careers on the Natural Progressions project.

The success of the Natural Progressions CD also opened doors for the brothers as they were introduced to Clarence Avant, who gave them their first opportunity at producing an artist on the well established label, Tabu Records. This lead to many other opportunities at producing well established artist such as the late Grover Washington Jr (Next Exit) “Take Five-Take Another Five”, Lelah Hathaway, Cherrelle, and War  just to mention a few. They were also fortunate enough to write, arrange, and produce the original theme song for the motion picture “Original Gangstas” an Orion film produced by Fred Williamson. Additionally, the Bolden Brothers hooked up with the Michael Douglas’ record company to produce one of his artist, “Y-T Style”, an R&B quartet out of Cleveland, Ohio. One of their hits, 12-15-22-5 (LOVE), was fortunate enough to be place in another major film entitled “Losing Isaiah”, which featured Oscar winners Jessica Lange and Halle Berry and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Having fined tuned their chops the Bold New brothers decided that it was time for them to feature something really special. “Let’s give them something that’s been missing from the market for a long time”. Hence, J. Dee: writer, producer, arranger, and saxophonist. This would be J. Dee’s first solo project title, “Tippin on the Edge of Funk”. With a heavy mix of funk, jazz, R&B, as well as Latin rhythms, this project is sure to take the listening audience by storm.