Eddie Benitez

ARTIST BIO:     Legendary Guitarist Eddie Benitez has been delivering spellbinding live performances since his debut at Madison Square Garden at the age of 14 in 1976 as part of the Fania All Stars. That same year Eddie garnered his first gold record for Night Life with his band Nebula on Fania Records. Less than a year later he repeated the gold record accomplishment with his second album, Essence of Life. Benitez‚s music and his spirituality are inseparable. His life and music was featured on the Discovery Channel, „A Hauntingš, a special episode of a demonic entity possessing his son was recreated in „Casa de los Muertosš, The world welcomed Eddie‚s music with open arms, with fans commenting on the healing and spiritual qualities of his music. Eddie‚s newest project „Visions of Angelsš, taking world music/ new age jazz to a new level - inspired by both Eddie‚s soul and from the heavens. Experience the pure passion, spirituality and heart of Eddie Benitez‚s music unleashed on 12 new cuts, all written and produced by the artist. Today he is as much in demand as a speaker on spirituality, healing, and paranormal topics as he is for his music. He is a sought after radio guest and now has his own radio show, Prime Eddie Benitez Live. Eddie‚s remarkable story will be chronicled in his upcoming book, Angels On My Stage.